Mini plan for promo writing around articles that fit into lifestyle PR.

Elements of the plan:

Vision, Goal and Purpose
Situation Analysis
Product and Pricing
Analysis and Competition
Strategy and Action

Vision, Goal and purpose
What are you going to do with the plan?
What are the company’s skills, strengths and weaknesses?
Goal setting based on those strengths and weaknesses
Setting strategies for achieving your goals
Executing the plan
Putting the numbers together to back up your words

Become one with your target clients and customers, familiarize yourself with a description of your target market.
Come up with an approach to reach targeted customers.
Specify the needs sought by market, the product usage, the positioning and what people’s attitudes are towards your product.
Create and define the Geographic, demographic and psycho-graphic profile(s) of the market including elements such as; Gender, Income, Age, Occupation, Education, Family life cycle, Geographic region, Lifestyle, Attitudes, Purchasing characteristics, Class etc.

Product – Your product and services
Describe in detail your products or services in terms of the features and benefits they offer customers.
Describe what you need to have or do to provide your product or service.
Define who your products are for and make it available to every creed and class.
Make your products accessible to both the upper and lowers class, who says simple can’t be exquisite.
Price – what you will charge customers for products and services
List the price of your products.
List price ranges for product lines.
Make customers feel comfortable with the pricing
Outline any discounts you offer for long-term customers, bulk purchases or prompt payment. Also, include the terms of sale.

It’s all about competition!
In making analysis, research should be carried out on opportunities for expansion through web site content awareness and publicity in other to stand out in a competitive marketplace.
Next keep a keen eye on the trends of your competitors. This includes whether your competitors’ sales is increasing, decreasing or steady. Answering those questions clue into the growth or decline of competitors from a shifting market.
Dress to Kill
With a focus on women now, Women mostly regard other women as competitors or a threat and the society as the battle field or a competitive landscape. So they dress to kill figuratively speaking of course, or am I?
Nevertheless whether consciously or unconsciously, Everyone wants to win and win fashionably so they go the extra mile or the extra touch, to beautify themselves with the right kind of brand, for the right kind of occasion.
Work this angle and anyother angle

Every Challenge is a NAKED opportunity!
Identify Problems and see them as Opportunities to expand and penetrate new market targets.
Finance and budget of customers/clients should be considered, and both the regular and the first timers needs and interests should be consolidated and accomodated.
Always stay ahead of the game in order to outsmart your competitors. In the advent of losing customers and clients, don’t act out of desperation but go back to the drawing board and make proper research, then come back with new contents and approach to attract and replace both old and new customers.

Publicity/Advertising Marketing Plan – Work the media to spread the word about your business. Work and utilize the social media angle and other promotional programs to measure your results.
Customer Marketing Plan – No small business can survive without customers and smart business know that it is FAR cheaper to keep the customers you have than always working to replace them with new ones. Constantly come up with incentives to keep your targeted customers interested and retain them while still seeking new ones.
Internet Marketing Plan – Internet marketing should include search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and any other online campaigns to boost sales and keep customers interested.
Promotional Event Plan/Incentives and price slash – Promotional activities such as,discount sales, awards or events to promote and create awareness of your product in the marketplace.

Define your target market and profile them
Understand their motivation and interests and satisfy those needs at all costs
Always work with your customers and make them feel like partners as you both try to meet thier basic needs.
Explore and expand the size of your market by constantly seeking out for the latest trends in the market place.